Businesses turning to iOS over Android

Businesses turning to iOS over Android

The complexity associated with managing various Android smartphones and devices has led to more and more businesses looking towards iOS devices.

A study conducted by market research firm Gartner revealed that 58 per cent of enterprises have or will make iOS their primary platform in the coming 12 months.

Just 20 per cent said they planned to utilise BlackBerry, while nine per cent are willing to take the risk with Android.

The broad-ranging study said the explosion in smartphones and tablets used in workplaces is making mobile device management the "fastest-growing enterprise mobile software ever".

Gartner analyst Phillip Redman, one of three authors of the latest report, said claims that Android is broadly secure are "not true", before adding: "All Android is not created equally".

BlackBerry recently unveiled Mobile Fusion which aims to provide management for iOS and Android as well as BlackBerry, making dealing with various types of devices easier for businesses.