Businesses should pay employees’ data bills

Businesses should pay employees’ data bills

Organisations expecting employees to use their own devices for work purposes should pay for workers' data bills.

That is the opinion of John Gallagher, director of public and analysis relations at iPass, who said that with the "always on" culture developing, companies should be paying for a proportion of the data staff members use.

"At the same time, IT needs to define the cost of access, and that needs to be communicated to all employees. Communication is a very important aspect of BYOD," he explained.

Mr Gallagher went on to note that employees are "very conscious" of keeping costs down for their company, with many searching out free Wi-Fi to carry out their work.

"I believe that [over] 85 per cent would prefer to have a worldwide or domestic Wi-Fi plan."

A recent survey by the firm revealed that flexible working schedules permitted through the bring your own device trend (BYOD) in the workplace has resulted in many employees working up to 20 additional hours per week.