Business will decide on tablets in the next few months

Business will decide on tablets in the next few months

As the growth of tablet computers in the UK continues and more and more personal devices are being used for enterprise purposes many businesses are considering the value of mobile devices to their organisation.

According to Michael Thorne, product director for, the next few months will see many IT directors deciding whether or not to invest in tablets.

Those that do decide that tablets can help increase productivity and efficiency while reducing costs will also be deciding which devices to use.

"One of the quite interesting things that we hear all the time is the views that IT directors have on iPads – they're mixed."

He explained that this is due to the fact employees turned up with the devices expecting to use them for enterprise purposes, which created an initial headache for IT departments.

Mr Thorne added that the new Microsoft tablet, which was announced in recent weeks, could prove popular with businesses, while the PlayBook will need to carve out a niche or risk becoming redundant.