Business tablet market ‘continuing to grow’

Business tablet market 'continuing to grow'

The sales of tablet of devices for business customers has continued to grow, with research suggesting the sector is set to become a vital part of the market.

The worldwide report from Futuresource Consulting also found the emergence of low-cost Android devices has caused Apple to lose some of its market share.

However, the reduction in iPad prices means average prices have universally fallen between 2010 and 2014.

And figures have suggested that growth in retail sales of tablet devices are set to slow as although some emerging markets enjoyed unit growth of more than 30 per cent in 2014, several major markets saw low or even negative growth.

Business to business (B2B) sales, according to Futuresource, will therefore become a hugely decisive driver in future demand, particularly in developed markets.

It added the increase in B2B sales will mainly be due to the availability of productivity apps, unifying software platforms, improved battery life and technology – all of which look set to ensure tablets overtake traditional PCs.

Futuresource predicts that 30 per cent of all tablet shipments will be for the B2B market by 2019, while the introduction of larger screens and even more extensive features could inspire even further growth.

Simon Bryant, associate director of consumer electronics at Futuresource Consulting told Advanced Television: "Workplace tablet use has been driven principally by bring your own device “BYOD” and tablets are used in a more complementary role rather than as a replacement for the PC.

“Issues of security and untested apps on tablets have also previously suppressed B2B demand, although many of these fears have been allayed with many tablets now carrying the same security policies and enforcement as a laptop.”