Business leaders have faith in 4G

Business leaders have faith in 4G

Despite an increasing number of people voicing their doubts about the benefits of 4G and the impact it will have, business leaders have already voiced their support for the technology, which is set to become more widespread due to the launch of services from O2 and Vodafone this week.

A new report from Vodafone suggests that there is already a significant level of interest in their offering from certain companies, with the firm stating that nearly nine in ten (86 per cent) business leaders believe the introduction of 4G to their organisation's infrastructure will have a positive effect on productivity.

The report, A Perfect Storm: The Role of 4G in the Age of Me, is the latest in Vodafone's Perspective series, and also found that one in five organisations are set to see significantly positive impact on the way their company works.

A further 41 per cent of firms said that they planned to use 4G with the next year.

One of the reasons cited for the change in expectations in regard to 4G has been the shift in the UK economy, as customers have now come to demand that companies are a lot faster and more flexible.

More than two-thirds of respondents claimed that their business had managed to meet the challenges being faced by the demands of the modern consumer by becoming more responsive to both employees and customers over the last three years.

The same number stated that the introduction of 4G will further improve their level of interaction with customers.

Jeroen Hoencamp, enterprise director, Vodafone UK, commented: "There has been a revolution in the workplace. The focus is no longer on where and when you work it’s all about maximising productivity, increasing efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction. At the heart of these innovative working practices is a renewed focus on greater collaboration across businesses enabled by increased data use."