Boeing set to launch ultra-secure smartphone in 2012

Boeing set to launch ultra-secure smartphone in 2012

Boeing is planning to move into smartphone market later this year with a super-secure model aimed at high-level commercial users, the military and the government.

President of Boeing Network and Space Systems, Roger Krone, revealed the plans to National Defense Magazine.

He explained that the smartphone will run on an Android operating system, as Boeing wanted to offer people something they were used to seeing, but with the added bonus of military-grade security for encryption for voice and data traffic.

The price for the super-secure smartphone is expected to be high, with the firm confirming that it will not become a mass-market device.

Brian Palma, vice president of the Boeing's secure infrastructure group, said: "We believe that there is significant interest in the defence side as well as the intelligence side and in the commercial world as well."

Boeing's existing government contracts around the world could see the firms smartphones challenge the dominance of BlackBerry devices as the go-to smartphone for the world's leading political figures.