Blackberry Z10 promises to raise the bar for businesses

Blackberry Z10 promises to raise the bar for businesses

Blackberry has announced that its Z10 generation will make for an entirely new computing platform, with a focus on making the user experience both efficient and effortless. 

The company says it has removed many of the ‘ins and outs’ that other mobile devices currently require, and will allow owners to check their conversations with a single swipe. 

There is also a focus on security – no doubt making the handset an attractive option for businesses running a BYOD policy. 

Indeed, the phone will feature built-in BlackBerry Balance technology, which is intended to give users the peace of mind that their personal information is being kept secret, as well as reassuring CIOs and IT professionals that sensitive corporate information is secure. 

Blackberry Balance offers an innovative way in which to satisfy both personal and professional needs on one device – by creating a separate Work space and Personal Space.

This means the two areas of life stay divided, with the Work space being fully secured and company controlled, and the Personal space also being fully protected and private. 

Furthermore, it is simple to switch between the two spaces, enabling users to quickly check on work tasks when at home, and vice versa.

In order to make the most of Blackberry Balance, companies simply need to use Blackberry Enterprise Service 10. 

One new feature is the Blackberry Hub with Peek and Flow, which is essentially a new way to manage all real time conversations, helping multitaskers to stay in control and responsive. 

Blackberry Flow has eliminated barriers between different applications, making them all much easier to operate at once using intuitive gestures. Responding to communications can all be done from one place, which supports email, Facebook, BBM, Twitter and LinkedIn messaging. 

Meanwhile, Peek allows users to glance at their hub any time they like, and if there’s nothing of significance there, just get straight back to what they were working on.