BlackBerry updates Hub+ in October

BlackBerry updates Hub+ in October [Photo: scyther5 via iStock]

BlackBerry has taken on board the suggestions of users in its latest software update, available this month.

In a blog post on the firm’s website, the company said it has been working on updates for its Android apps, including Hub+, Camera, and Keyboard.

Detailing the new updates, BlackBerry said that Hub+ is a software subscription service for most Android Marshmallow or Lollipop devices from any manufacturer, which accounts for roughly 54 per cent of the one billion or so Android users worldwide, according to the company.

Hub+ includes BlackBerry Hub, Calendar, Password Keeper, Contacts, Device Search, Notes, Tasks, and Launcher.

BlackBerry said: “Hub+ was released in August, received its first update in September, and now, in October, we’ve added more new features, based on your feedback, to make the Hub+ experience even better for you.”

Hub+ will now feature Facebook Messenger support. The update will allow users to see and open all Facebook Messenger communications directly within Hub+. They will also be able to save inline images. BlackBerry said it will become easier to save an image in the body of an email with a simple press and hold on the email.

The company also revealed that Hub+ now supports an IT-pushed signature when activated against Android for Work, increasing IT’s administrative control over signatures.

BlackBerry said that users will be able to set a dedicated language key or use the spacebar to choose a keyboard language. More enterprise security will also be introduced by allowing users to separate vocabulary learned in personal lives from words learned in a work situation.

Anyone using the BlackBerry Launcher on a non-BlackBerry phone will see the icon, which will help in switching between launchers or help with updates.

In addition, the settings panel will be reorganised for easier navigation and use.