BlackBerry to roll out Android Marshmallow for Priv

BlackBerry to roll out Android Marshmallow for Priv

​BlackBerry has begun rolling out the Android Marshmallow upgrade for its flagship Android smartphone, the BlackBerry Priv.

It comes less than a month after the company began beta testing for the latest Android iteration, meaning users can now benefit from enhanced privacy features, as well as greater privacy, security and usability.

The update will allow users to control the permissions given to certain apps, while offering greater clarity to notification settings.

There is also a new S/MIME feature that enables users to digitally sign and encrypt your emails.

Writing emails is also set to become a more pleasant experience, with BlackBerry making several updates to the Priv's keyboard, allowing for better typing, accuracy and control.

Users will also be able to take advantage of new keyboard gestures, including swipe capabilities that make it easier to type by dragging your finger across the keys.

Other improvements include better word prediction while the Cursor Control mode on the physical keyboard allows for easier positioning and control.

Another key feature of the Android Marshmallow operating system is also an  improved battery life, with the platform's Doze mode automatically placing the phone into a sleep state when it is left idle.

Extra storage is also made possibly by way of being able to encrypt media cards, which helps to offer another layer of data protection when the device is lost or stolen.

The move towards creating an Android-based device was initially met with scepticism, but if successful it could help BlackBerry become a player in the smartphone market again.