BlackBerry to reveal BB10 update ahead of Q10 launch

BlackBerry to reveal BB10 update ahead of Q10 launch

BlackBerry will launch an update for its new operating system, BB10, ahead of the release of its new Q10 smartphone.

It is thought the 10.1 OS features a range of additions that will allow the physical keyboard, which features on the second new device from the Canadian manufacturer is 2013, to work correctly.

The update will be made available for the touch-screen Z10 model, which was released at the start of February in the UK, but the majority of tweaks will be aimed at the new smartphone.

BlackBerry fans have long discussed the merits of the physical keyboard and the Q10 has been created with this market in mind. It is the first BB10 smartphone with a QWERT
Y keypad and will offer professionals upgrading to the gadget access to the Type N Go development.

This enables quick access to some commands directly from the search bar, which should make it more efficient to use.

One example of this, highlighted on website Phones Review, is if the user types 'email' and then a contact name the email client will be immediately launched and the name added. This feature will improve efficiency and productivity among professionals using the new smartphone.

Other features from the BB10.1 update will be shortcut keys using the keyboard hardware buttons. For instance 'i' will zoom in and 'o' will zoom out, 'r' will reply to an email or 'f' will forward it.

Enhancements are also expected to be made to BlackBerry Balance, which should make the change between personal and corporate profiles much easier and quicker.

The ability to multitask on the new BlackBerry devices is a key component to them, as recently highlighted by chief executive Thorsten Heins, who said Apple's iPhones are too linear for the professionals of today.

He explained that while the Cupertino firm should be praised for the original iPhone design, which transformed the industry, he said the company has lacked innovation in its recent products.