BlackBerry to launch new mobile device management platform

BlackBerry to launch new mobile device management platform

BlackBerry has announced that it plans to launch a new mobile device management (MDM) tool that will be aimed at business and government customers, allowing them to adequately manage the devices on their network.

The move is the latest in the company's ongoing commitment to focus on enterprise customers.

Its new platform, BES12, which is to be launched by the end of 2014, will unify its existing BES10 and BES5 platforms already used by many of its clients to manage mobile devices on their internal corporate and government networks.

John Sims, the head of BlackBerry's enterprise business told Reuters: "With both BES5 and BES10 we have mobile device management platforms , but the breadth of functionality we provided on those was relatively narrow.

"We wanted to expand the platform and BES12 is positioned as the next step on that axis. We will be able to provide seamless enterprise mobility management to the whole family of BlackBerry devices, as well as much stronger capabilities in the cross platform space."

He added that BES12 would, much like previous versions, allow iOS and Android devices on corporate networks to enjoy a better user experience.

In a press release confirming the launch, BlackBerry said that BES12 contain several core capabilities, including the ability for customers to integrate new mobile endpoints, while also taking advantage of enhanced user self-service, providing advanced service management.

It will also carry on BlackBerry's commitment to providing multi-platform solutions, adding support for Windows Phone 8 in addition to already supported iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.

There will also be greater flexibility and scalability in the architecture of BES12, enabling customers with the ability to move from on-premise to the cloud effortlessly and securely.

It will also deliver the tools and integration points needed to easily develop and deploy securely connected enterprise apps across all supported platforms.