BlackBerry still first choice with US administration

BlackBerry still first choice with US administration

BlackBerry is still the go-to smartphone for many businesses, including US federal employees, with over 500,000 staff using the devices.

Scott Totzke, senior vice president of BlackBerry Security, has claimed that shipments of Research In Motion's (RIM's) smartphones could in fact increase in the coming months as businesses look to take advantage of the security they offer.

Speaking in Washington last week, Totzke said: "Compared to the enterprise over the last year and a half or so, the federal business on whole is up.

"The employee base is shrinking, so if we're looking at a market with fewer employees and our install base is stable to slightly up, that would seem to indicate that we have an increasing market share."

President Obama famously insisted on keeping his BlackBerry smartphone when he took office, praising its security and ease-of-use.

RIM reportedly sold 400,000 BlackBerry 7 devices to the US government in the past 12 months.