BlackBerry smartphones will replace laptops, says RIM CEO

BlackBerry smartphones will replace laptops, says RIM CEO

With the BB10 operating system and smartphones set to be launched in early 2013, Research In Motion's (RIM's) chief executive officer, Thorsten Heins has made some bold claims about the platform overhaul.

Speaking to The New York Times, Mr Heins claimed that the BB10 platform will remove the need for laptop computers within the next three to five years, indicating his confidence in the OS and its capabilities.

"Whenever you enter an office, you don't have your laptop with you, you have your mobile computer power exactly here," said Mr Heins. "You will not carry a laptop within three to five years."

He described the latest round of BlackBerry smartphones as a portable brain that can plug into any computer.

Mr Heins believes the new devices are going to catch on with a host of business professionals, thanks to its range of innovations.

The hardware does not feature a home button, like many of its competitors, as BlackBerry 10 will consolidate information and capabilities that have been distributed through separate applications on current smartphones.

BlackBerry 10's messaging centre can display Facebook updates, LinkedIn messages, texts and Twitter posts along with emails and users will be able to switch between the apps with a flick of the thumb.

Similarly, the BB10 address book can display all recent emails from any contact and even pull news stories and other information related to his or her company from the web.

"It is stress relief; it doesn't make you look at all your applications all the time," Mr Heins said. "This is going to catch on with a lot of people."

Frank Boulben, RIM's chief marketing officer, who also spoke to the New York Times, said that only half of employees embracing the bring your own device (BYOD) trend are allowed to pick their own smartphones and he predicted companies will return to selecting their employees' phones to reduce technology support costs.

In order to boost BYOD, BlackBerry10 will allow corporations to segregate corporate data and apps from a user's personal material, allowing them to wipe corporate data on a phone when an employee quits or loses a device.