BlackBerry ‘set to operate on Android’

BlackBerry 'set to operate on Android'

​Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry could be about to adopt Google's Android operating system.

A recent report from news source Reuters claims the company could use the platform in the release of its upcoming smartphone.

There has already been a number of experts suggesting it could be a good move for BlackBerry, which has seen its share of the smartphone market shrinking in recent years, due to increased competition from Apple and, of course, Google itself.

In contrast, Android has become increasingly dominant in the market, boasting a share of 78 per cent.

One of Android's biggest strengths has been the number of options on its App store. A report from AppFigures found Google had approximately 1.4 million apps on its store during 2014 – more than any other.

It all comes ahead of BlackBerry's latest earnings update, which many analysts have warned could be below previous expectations.

The first 18 months of the company's transition plan to rely less on handsets and more on mobile enterprise software are sure to have an impact on the company's results.

Despite receiving plenty of praise for its software offerings, there is little sign of that being reflected in its quarterly earnings.

Tim Long, analyst with BMO Capital Markets, said: “All eyes will be on the software revenue line, which needs to show an upward trend to support management’s ambitious turnaround goals."

“Whether the numbers hit or not, we hope management provides enough metrics to get some transparency on the underlying trends in the software-oriented recovery.”