BlackBerry set to offer eye recognition

BlackBerry set to offer eye recognition

Research in Motion has announced that it is planning to support eye recognition technology in its BlackBerry smartphones in the future.

The firm has revealed that the system will be developed in collaboration with Iris ID and HID Global, and could see employees flashing their BlackBerry instead of an employee ID card to open doors at work.

Embedded iCLASS technology would act as a digital credential and allow NFC-enabled BlackBerry 7 smartphones to transmit the users identity when held up to an iCAM7000 iris camera.

Andrew Bocking, RIM's vice president handheld software product management, said the technology will allow the smartphones to "become an even smarter mobile computing platform".

A digital video is taken of the iris, before still images are captured from the video using a frame grabber.

An algorithm analyses patterns in the iris that are visible between the pupil and white of the eye and converts them into a 512-byte digital template, which is stored in a database and transferred to areas where the worker has access privileges.