BlackBerry set to go back to basics

BlackBerry set to go back to basics

With the recent poor figures posted by Research in Motion (RIM), it has announced plans to return back to basics in the future.

This will see the firm focus on its traditional heartland of business customers, rather than trying to keep pace with the consumer giants.

It may seem like an extreme course of action to remedy its problems, but business users know that the Canadian firm is going back to what made it the top smartphone vendor.

Many believe that RIM needs to focus its energies on the raft of new server side software it has in the pipeline, which it hopes will alter the way businesses manage their growing number of mobile devices.

As the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers continues at a pace, BlackBerry Fusion is set to play a major role in regaining a footing in the business sector alongside BlackBerry Device Services and Universal Device Services.

Through this range of new applications, businesses will be able to manage a variety of mobile equipment through one interface, including iOS and Android devices.

Also the exciting development of BlackBerry10 devices could see RIM regain its crown as the leading business smartphone provider.