BlackBerry rolls out BBM to Windows phones

BlackBerry rolls out BBM to Windows phones

Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has confirmed that it is roll out its popular messaging service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) on the Windows phone platform.

According to analysts, the move is the latest part of the firm's attempts to  have a greater level of appeal to its enterprise clients.

The firm is still in the process of reinventing itself as a company with a greater emphasis towards software rather than the manufacture of devices.

Its BBM service has become well known as being a more viable tool for corporations and government agencies, as well as other organisations seeking a secure messaging platform.

That change of tack has largely been driven by BlackBerry's dwindling share in the hardware market, while its initial refusal to open up the BBM platform caused it to be overtaken by rivals such as WhatsApp and others.

However, its decision to extend the service to other platforms saw it release BBM Protected, which is specifically made to the needs of companies within regulated sectors.  

According to Reuters, there have even been murmurs that the company has looked at releasing a desktop version of the software.

However, BlackBerry chief executive John Chen told the news provider: "I can’t tell you whether we are going to do BBM on desktop. That is a collaboration we have to have between us and Microsoft and I wouldn’t be able to comment on that, because we certainly have the desire, but between that and getting it done there is still a gap."

Analysts claim that it would enable employees to take chats started on their office computer with them on the move, meaning they never have to miss a beat when it comes to keeping in contact with ongoing developments.  

The developments do not necessarily signal the end of Blackberry as a manufacturer dealing in hardware, however, as the firm has still made inroads in releasing new pieces of hardware.

Its latest release is set to be the BlackBerry Passport, which the company claims will be aimed towards business professionals who want a phone that will help them be more productive.