BlackBerry releases Hub+ on Android

BlackBerry releases Hub+ on Android

​Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has announced that it has released its HUB+ range of apps on Google Play, making them available to any user with a device running Android Marshmallow.

The BB Hub is an interface that displays a user's mail and social media notifications all in one place, and also features a calendar app and password manager.

The Hub+ was previously available exclusively to BlackBerry 10 customers and those using the BB Priv, which is the company's most notable foray into working with Android, a move that was widely seen as a way of helping to address sluggish sales of BlackBerry handsets.

Now it appears the company has recognised that the same approach is needed with its software too.

By making the Hub+ platform available to Android users, the company hopes to reach a much wider audience, giving it a stronger overall brand.

Nevertheless there are still some potential obstacles with the plan, most notably the fact that its success will largely be measured by whether users sign up to the platform's monthly subscription following the 30-day trial.

Not all Marshmallow phones will be able to run the suite either, although the company is looking to add an increased number of models to its compatibility list every day.

Tablet users are also set to be left out, with Hub+ only aimed at smartphones, although the company is reportedly considering rolling out the platform to iOS devices in the future.