BlackBerry refuses to rule out new PlayBook

BlackBerry refuses to rule out new PlayBook

BlackBerry chief executive Thorsten Heins has refused to rule out having another attempt at breaking into the tablet market.

The Canadian firm struggled to make an impact with the PlayBook, with professionals instead turning to the iPad and other devices, but this has not put off the smartphone maker.

In a recent interview Mr Heins explained to the Canadian Press that BlackBerry is "thinking about" adding a new product to its tablet range in the near future. "But we're thinking about it also in the context of BlackBerry 10," he added.

Mr Heins said developers at the company are considering how to make another tablet that would integrate with "other screen environments".

"That's how we’re thinking about it right now," he said last week.

The BlackBerry boss went on to note that there are a number of things the company needs to weight up before proceeding with a new tablet.

"The question is, what are you putting around the tablet as a service or an experienced value proposition that allows you to make money with it, other than just put the pure hardware out there," he concluded.

BlackBerry's PlayBook was originally intended to pair up with existing smartphones to create a seamless multi-screen environment for professionals to boost their efficiency by allowing access to emails across various devices.

However, by the time the tablet hit the stores it was not ready to perform this function adequately and was quickly disregarded by many and despite recent upgrades it has failed to reach the heights the firm expected.

The news comes on the back of a slight improvement for the fate of the PlayBook, as 370,000 were shipped in the quarter which ended March 2nd, an increase from 255,000 in the third quarter.

Experts believe this hike in demand has come about due to the fact the devices can be upgraded to run on the Canadian firm's new BB10 operating system, which was launched at the end of January. The update has yet to be released, but reports suggest it is on its way in the near future.