BlackBerry Q5 set for summer release

BlackBerry Q5 set for summer release

Blackberry has revealed the details of its new Q5 smartphone, which is set for release later in the summer.

The Canadian firm claims that the Q5 will essentially be the 'little brother' of the much-talked about Q10, which was released earlier this year.

The Q5 will be marketed as the first affordable model to run the the Blackberry 10 operating system, and the company hopes that its price will help to bring the platform to a much wider audience.

It was initially unveiled at the annual Blackberry Live conference in Orlando, so its specifications have not come as a total shock.

The Q5 features the company's traditional QWERTY keyboard, as well as a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a 3.1-inch, 720×720 display.

Several key components of the phone's design make it ideal for business use, including features such as regulated enterprise mobility management, which facilitates the use of working while on the move.

Its single server deployment means that the company's new Blackberry Enterprise Service (BES) 10.1 can be installed on the same server as BES 5.0.3, making it an ideal solution for smaller companies.

Larger companies though are free to distribute components and install on as many servers as they choose.

BES 10.1 itself comes with the same number of high-quality features that commercial users have come to expect, as well as T-Support as standard. Users will also be able to trade up licenses.

There are also plans to create more of a crossover between Blackberry and other platforms such as iOS and Android. Secure Workplace (SWS) gives users the ability to manage these devices through BES 10.1, without the need to make any changes to infrastructure.

Not only does the Q5 and BES 10.1 allow for exceptional functionality at a low price, but it also comes with the same level of aesthetics that have become the firm's trademark over the years, and is even available in four different colours.