Blackberry Priv ‘sells out’, company stocks rise

The Blackberry Priv has proven extremely popular, selling out at a number of retailers

The Blackberry Priv is proving extremely popular, with both Walmart and Best Buy selling out of the handset. 

Blackberry’s move to offer the novel device through these retailers – thereby significantly increasing its availability in North America – has clearly paid off, with Walmart selling all of its stocks of the Priv within the first 24 hours of its launch on the store’s website.

This is a strong indicator that switching to an Android platform from Blackberry’s own BBOS may keep the company relevant in the new world of smartphones. 

What’s more, the popularity of the Priv has seen a significant boost in the company’s shares. As of Wednesday last week [put actual date?], company shares had reportedly risen by ten per cent. Phone Arena noted that with these somewhat unexpected sales figures, investors are flocking to put their money into the business. 

This is no doubt good news for fans of Blackberry smartphones after a turbulent few years for the company’s devices arm. Earlier this year, its CEO John Chen has said: “we would not stay in the device business if we were not profitable”.

Blackberry has also updated the camera, keyboard, Hub and DTEK applications for AT&T users, although this Android update was already available to other users on the Google Play Store. 

Among the updates are 16:9 support for photos in the camera, which has also been made faster and now includes indicators for low light and HDR photos. In addition, the keyboard now supports 20 new input languages, includes emoji in predictive typing, and boasts improved cursor controls. 

Meanwhile, DTEK has been updated with a whole host of new options for managing various types of notifications depending on location, the category of notification, and a number of other variables. 

Hub has been fully integrated with WhatsApp and also supports added sync support for text messaging and email. Users will also be able to look up contact information more thoroughly than before, and new keyboard shortcuts for ‘next’ and ‘previous’ have been added.