BlackBerry Priv: Everything you need to know

BlackBerry Priv: Everything you need to know

The disappointing release of BlackBerry's Passport will have left many users and analysts predicting the end of BlackBerry as a manufacturer, but this November will see the company release its 'Priv' model.

The new phone pairs high-end specs with a large amount of traditional smartphone favourites, as well as the company's traditional physical QWERTY keyboard.

Perhaps the most crucial difference is the fact that it's a handset that is powered, for the first time, by Google's Android operating system.

The 5.4-inch Priv is very much a case of old meets new, pairing trademarks such as the company's traditional QWERTY keyboard with a design seemingly based heavily on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Compactness is certainly the main aim, with the physical keyboard part of a sliding mechanism.

At 9.4mm thick and 192g in weight, it's not exactly a huge brick, but is still chunkier than some of its competitors.

Under the bonnet, there's a 64-bit, 1.8GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, which is paired with 3GB of RAM, 32GB of integrated space, which can be expanded to a massive 2TB with a microSD card, all powered by a juicy 3,410mAh battery.

The Priv should have enough power to get through a day of usage without breaking a sweat, which is good seeing as it utilises essentially the same screen as the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, with a 540 pixels-per-inch image density that will provide stunningly sharp, detailed images.

The use of Android as its OS is likely to be seen as the most significant change for BlackBerry, with the move leaving Apple as the only major manufacturer never to have opted for the system.