BlackBerry PlayBook comes out on top of tablet security study

BlackBerry PlayBook comes out on top of tablet security study

An audit of some of the most popular tablets on the market today has highlighted the BlackBerry PlayBook as a leading light in terms of security.

Context Information Security looked at the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the RIM device and concluded that the PlayBook was the best device to use for corporate purposes.

The BlackBerry was the only device of the three found to provide good separation between personal and work data, something that both firms and employees are looking for as a key feature to support the growing trend of bring your own device (BYOD).

All three tablets were praised for supporting the Exchange ActiveSync, a factor that means their core security configurations can be managed from a central Exchange server.

However, the research highlighted differences in security controls, which impact their suitability for enterprise use.

The iPad was highlighted for its robust data protection and damage limitation facilities, but the researchers noted shortcomings, including the regularity of jailbreak attacks and ineffective disk encryption.

A lack of enterprise-level management tools on the Samsung Galaxy Tab means that it is very difficult to keep tabs on more than a small number of Galaxy Tabs in an enterprise environment; a problem is shared with the Apple device.

However, the BlackBerry PlayBook provides "excellent logical and data separation between work and personal modes" through its Balance architecture, which allows the wiping of business data by the employer while leaving personal information intact, combined with a built-in Bridge content-porting application.

Jonathan Roach, principal consultant at Context and author of the report, said that security controls are easier to apply now.

"It is difficult to ignore the growing presence of tablet computers in the home and workplace offering a blend of productivity, connectivity and physical freedom which has never been achieved before," Mr Roach said.

He noted that mobile device management tools are available for businesses looking to boost their security measures. These tools can correct some of the issues suffered by businesses.