BlackBerry may be set to focus on Android handsets

BlackBerry may be set to focus on Android handsets

BlackBerry could soon be set to retire its operating system (OS) for good, with the company confirming at the recent CES 16 event that it has no plans in place to release any more devices with its BlackBerry 10 OS.

In a recent interview with IT Pro, analyst house Creative Intellect UK's founder, Bola Rotibi, said that BlackBerry’s decision to move closer to Android was primarily based on the acceptance that the firm had lost its primary customer base, with the previous saving grace of BlackBerry Messenger now no longer enough to entice new users.

He added: “However, if they supported the Android OS then that opens up the way to leverage their value proposition and what they have been famous for to a much wider community.”

The decline of BlackBerry’s own services has coincided with the success of the BlackBerry Priv, which became the company’s first device to run on Android.

The coming year is reportedly set to be an important period for the firm, with sales of the Priv set to be expanded to a number of other countries over the course of 2016.

Speculation is subsequently building over whether there is a future for BlackBerry’s own OS, although chief executive John Chen has refused to confirm plans to abandon the software completely.

Analysts have suggested that BB10 could return as a purpose-built OS that centres around security, amid the news the company is in the process of receiving national security certification, which if successful would give it the green light for governmental deployment.

Whether consumers or business users will be given the chance to use BB10 remains to be seen.