BlackBerry launches new Z30 smartphone

BlackBerry launches new Z30 smartphone

BlackBerry has announced the launch of its new Z30 handset, which it claims is its "biggest, fastest and most advanced smartphone yet".

The new model will be available through selected carriers in the UK and Middle East at the beginning of next week, and other regions in time for Christmas.

It is to feature a large five inch touchscreen, the biggest size ever on any BlackBerry handset.

It will also contain the BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2 and is packed with new features aimed at giving the best possible experience for users.

Among other features is the BlackBerry Priority Hub, which is the one place where users can manage conversations, while giving special preference to the contacts that are most important.

This means that you can search for the vital information you need quickly and easily across email, social network accounts and more.

Those using the device on the move will also benefit from the revamped messaging system, which now allows you to preview messages without having to exit the application you are already running.

As well as size, the Z30's screen also packs a punch in terms of quality, making use of an AMOLED display that a clear and more vivid picture, while it is also driven by a 1.7GHz processor with quadcore graphics for faster web browsing.

Two of the biggest problems that face many business smartphone users are those of loss of signal and battery life. Luckily the Z30 has come up with two features that aim to address both issues.

BlackBerry's new generation antenna technology allows for users to achieve better connectivity in areas of low coverage, reducing the risk of dropping calls and enhancing the speed of data transfers.

The device also features a 2880 mAh battery, which is the largest battery in terms of size to have ever been included in a BlackBerry phone, offering up to 25 hours of battery life between charges.