BlackBerry launches BBM for enterprises

BlackBerry launches BBM for enterprises

Smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has announced that it has launched BBM Protected, the first solution in the eBBM Suite for secure enterprise-class messaging.

The new platform is part of the firm's latest collection of BBM products and services that are aimed at bringing the convenience and functionality of BBM to enterprise customers without compromising levels of security and compliance.

It will also include a number of new services that will be aimed at allowing mobile workforces to be more productive when operating outside of the traditional office environment.

BBM Protected was initially announced earlier in the year and brings with it an enhanced security model for messages sent using the app between BlackBerry smartphones.

The company claims that BBM Protected could be the ideal app for companies working in highly regulated industries, offering the most secure and reliable real-time mobile messaging experience on the market.

It is the only secure mobile instant messaging app to use a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic library, creating a level of security that remains tight even when employees use it to communicate with friends and family outside work.

This arguably makes it an ideal platform for those looking to implement a more mobile workforce, making it easier for firms to adopt practices such as bring-your-own-device (BYOD).

Zekeria Oezdemir, technical director of NovaLink, said: “We’ve been testing BBM Protected on behalf of our customers and have been impressed so far.

“BBM Protected is the ideal solution for our banking and insurance customers who have increased security needs.”

The current version of BBM Protected is compatible on BlackBerry handsets running BBOS 6.0 or later, as well as BlackBerry 10 in Regulated mode.

The firm has confirmed that versions of BBM Protected for BlackBerry 10 smartphones using BlackBerry Balance and iOS and Android devices will be released later this year.