Blackberry launches BB10

Blackberry launches BB10

The wait it finally over for professionals who have been waiting for the new operating system (OS) from BlackBerry, BB10, as it has been launched in simultaneous events around the world.

Chief executive Thorsten Heins was present at the main launch in New York to showcase the new OS, and a video demonstration showed the new and innovative features of the evolved platform.

BlackBerry Flow has been designed to help businesses users multi-task and it is a key feature of BB10. It allows users to "peek" at one application while using another. This is great news for businesses as it will increase productivity and reduce wasted time.

It is possible to switch between apps with the simple swipe of the thumb, rather than the clumsier methods used in other operating systems.

The BlackBerry Hub element of the new OS means all of a professionals communications can be accessed in one place. They can be easily navigated between, without the need to open up each individual app to do so.

BlackBerry Balance is yet another new and exciting feature of BlackBerry's new OS, as it allows users to switch between their personal and work environments. With more and more businesses implementing the use of personal devices, this is expected to be a crucial part of the new platform.

"You're not in and out of work and personal…both applications co-exist, but you get a single, unified user experience," Mr Heins said.

As well as the new operating system, BlackBerry came to the event with two new devices, as promised. The Z10 and the Q10.

When introducing the BlackBerry Z10, Mr Heins said: "This is the most beautiful BlackBerry we have ever launched. I can't wait for you to try it out. We knew a large beautiful display was important. This is the window into the BlackBerry 10 experience."

The Q10 has a 3.1-inch screen and crucially for many BlackBerry fans, a hardware keyboard, which will make fans of the manufacturer very happy.