BlackBerry inches towards full integration of BES with WatchDox and Good Technology

BlackBerry inches towards full integration of BES with WatchDox and Good Technology

​BlackBerry's acquisition of Good Technology and WatchDox is helping the company move closer towards integrating its BES12 enterprise mobility platform with other high-profile pieces of technology, as it looks to create a truly cross-platform solution.

The company is already gearing up towards the release of BES 12.5, which along with several other items, is due to be launched over the course of the next few weeks.

Among these is the BES update itself, which the company hopes will provide the foundation for a more comprehensive solution that it is referring to as EMM Suites.

Billy Ho, BlackBerry's vice president for enterprise product and value added solutions said: "With the latest enterprise portfolio enhancements, our Good Secure EMM Suites will provide customers with flexibility to apply security and policies across the various device, OS, container, application, network and file layers, from a single unified platform and console."

The updates to BES 12 has allowed the company to finally integrate the platform as a strong management solution in Good Secure EMM Suites.

Additionally, BES 12.5 offers increased security features by allowing administrators to fully define compliance rules for restricted operating system versions, as well as devices that have been out of contact with the management server for a certain time period.  

Enhanced integration allows a stronger connection with the AtHoc mobile app, which is to be built specifically for the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform and will be available from the end of next month.

It means any company or organisation using BlackBerry WorkLife will be able to analyse the cellular data being used by any Good Dynamics or third-party applications that happen to be developed with the Good Dynamics SDK v2.0 or later.