BlackBerry Blackforest tablet set for 2013 launch

BlackBerry Blackforest tablet set for 2013 launch

Research In Motion (RIM) is planning to launch a new BlackBerry tablet in autumn 2013, the Blackforest, according to leaked reports.

A blog posted what it claims is a leaked image from an internal RIM document showing the company's plans for the future.

The 'roadmap' also shows plans for a 4G BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 devices for early 2013, although the PlayBook will be US-only.

It has been speculated that the new tablet, which is listed in the roadmap for the third quarter of 2013, might have a ten-inch screen, larger than the PlayBook's 7-inches, and could have as much as 128GB of storage.

The move comes just a matter of days after RIM announced it was delaying the launch of BlackBerry 10, the next version of its operating system.

In its most recent quarter, RIM sold 7.8 million devices, nowhere near the impressive one million Android activations Google is achieving every day.