BlackBerry approved by US Department of Defense

BlackBerry approved by US Department of Defense

BlackBerry has announced that its BB10 phones, such as the touch-screen Z10 and the keyboard-enabled Q10 have been awarded the "authority to operate", the highest level of certification on the US Defense Department networks.

As well as its handsets, the Ontario-based company has also received approval from the US government over its mobile device management (MDM) service, BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) 10.

BES 10 has subsequently become the first MDM solution for BlackBerry 10 on the market to receive such a high level of accreditation.

Reports suggest that the US Defense Information System Agency (DISA) has now given the go-ahead for the implementation of up to 10,000 BlackBerry smartphones by the third quarter, a number that could increase to as many as 30,000 by the end of the year.

The decision signals an important step in ensuring that the US government and military runs BlackBerry smartphones throughout its network and, in the eyes of many analysts and experts, even acts as a seal of approval for the company's capabilities in the field of security.

In a statement, the company's senior vice president Scott Totzke, said: "Being the first smartphones to be supported on U.S. Department of Defense networks further establishes BlackBerry’s proven and validated security model.

"With foreign entities – governmental and criminal – ramping up attacks on electronic communications and information systems, BlackBerry provides government agencies with a proven partner that follows top-to-bottom security protocols."

It added that due to its devices being able to cope with the demanding level of security requirements, it would enable DoD personnel the ability to connect securely to networks and access infrastructure and data, while safe in the knowledge that it was safe and secure.

BlackBerry 10 devices were already granted FIPS 140-2 certification for low-level secure transmissions last year, a development that was seen as a precedent to gaining higher levels of security clearance within the US government's Defense Department.

Now that it has received such high certification, the company is reportedly confident that it will make its MDM offerings all the more appealing to other organisations as a result.