BlackBerry and Samsung tablet used by German government

Image: stefanocar75 via iStock

BlackBerry has announced that it has developed a highly secure tablet in collaboration with Samsung, which is currently being used by the German government.

The device – called the SecuTABLET – is being used by certain German government agencies to prevent staff “falling victim to espionage” whilst working remotely, according to BlackBerry.

The tablet, which is integrated with government-grade mobile application management (MAM) technology, is based on the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, and was approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) at its “classified – for official use only” security level.

The SecuTABLET uses the Secusmart Security card responsible for securely encrypting the transfer of mobile data as well as encrypting all the information stored on the device.

The tablet combines BlackBerry’s mobile application management software and Samsung’s Knox platform. Knox’s aim is to separate sensitive information from personal data, which should allow users to securely switch between using their device for business and personal purposes.

Sascha Lekic, director of B2B sales, IT and mobile communication at Samsung said that the Knox platform gave “an extra level of security” to the Android operating system on Samsung smartphones.

Also integrated into the device is software that provides certificate management for managing all keys and certifications stored in the Secusmart Security Card and VPN for cryptographically secured data communication. Secusmart’s secure voice technology is set to be added later this year.

Dr Christoph Erdmann, managing director of Secusmart, said: “With the SecuTABLET, for the first time, we are combining secure software and hardware from multiple manufacturers into a joint solution.

“Receiving approval from the BSI confirms our resolve to offer solutions that combine maximum security with ease of operation and that are always available on the very latest hardware.”