BlackBerry 10 will keep your business moving

BlackBerry 10 will keep your business moving

BlackBerry has always been an organisation capable of producing products that make the day-to-day workings of your business much easier.

Its attention to quality, detail and security has seen it rise up as a brand trusted by both companies and governments alike, and it is once again taking on the challenges that come with enterprise systems.

BlackBerry has taken note of the emerging bring your own device (BYOD) trend that is currently sweeping its way through the corporate world, and has developed a solution that all companies, no matter what their size, can take advantage of.

BlackBerry Balance technology offers the most seamless and user-friendly way to satisfy the needs of both user and corporation without compromising on either.

The technology, which is built into every smartphone, allows users to easily switch from their personal mobile space to their Work Space by way of a simple gesture.

The Work Space is fully encrypted, managed and secured, meaning that you can keep critical corporate data and applications protected.

All of this means that you can get the mobile experience you want, as well as the management and security you need.

BlackBerry 10 also gives BYOD users a superior mobile device management solution. Its Enterprise Service 10 gives you the opportunity to manage a multitude of devices and users, all by way of a single platform and management console.

Work Space is undoubtedly a large part of the MDM solution, offering new containerisation, application-wrapping, as well as  secure connectivity option, which offers a greater level of control and security to both iOS and Android devices.

All of this managed by the single BES10 administration console, maximising convenience and ease of use.

Managed applications are secured and therefore separated from any personal apps and data. This provides an integrated email, calendar and contacts app, as well as an enterprise-level secure browser and secure attachment viewing and editing with Documents To Go.

Any secure apps and work data cannot be accessed without user authentication and cannot be shared outside the Secure Work Space.