BlackBerry 10 smartphones to feature video chat

BlackBerry 10 smartphones to feature video chat

The delayed BlackBerry 10 smartphones will boast new video chat capabilities, according to Research in Motion's (RIM's) chief executive Thorsten Heins.

Mr Heins revealed the move at a shareholders meeting in Toronto yesterday (July 10th).

"BlackBerry Messenger is a very strong platform in Asia, Africa and Europe, and we're upgrading it with video chat in BlackBerry 10," he said during a question and answer session at the meeting.

He also revealed that the exact details of the new devices will be "contained" for as long as possible, despite demands from investors to know what is in store when they are released.

"It's a competitive industry, and we have to be careful what we tell the public and when," the chief executive explained, before noting that the firm has a "very good plan" for the future.

However, Mr Heins also divulged that 60 per cent of the software in the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is also used in BlackBerry 10.