BlackBerry 10 OS hailed as RIM’s “trump card”

BlackBerry 10 OS hailed as RIM’s “trump card”

Research in Motion (RIM) is just days away from the launch of its new BlackBerry operating system (BB10) and a range of new devices.

The firm is hoping the addition of the new platform will help it to regain its appeal to the businesses community, which has been its traditional market, but has fallen away slightly in recent years.

Malik Kamal-Saadi, principal analyst with Informa, explained that the new OS and the two handsets that are expected to be launched at the event are a "trump card" that could see the Canadian firm winning back business users and enterprises that were lost to the likes of Samsung and Apple.

He said: "The 'experience' is very attractive for business users and consumers. BB10 has what is needed to seduce back in both developed market. I haven't seen anything like it in terms of the experience."

Mr Kamal-Saadi is one of the few people who have held and used the new devices and OS ahead of the launch on Wednesday. He explained that the system will appeal to businesses.

However, he noted that it could take some time for professionals to get used to the new software as it has changed so radically.

The Canadian firm has been implementing measures to cope with the expected difficulties of the use of the new software.

It recently announced that more than 1,600 businesses in North America have signed up for an initiative which will help them and their employees learn how to use the new OS, indicating just how excited enterprises are for the new platform.

Of the businesses that have registered for the training, over 1,000 have been using the BlackBerry 10 Ready program, since its launch late last year.

Ernest Doku, technology expert with, said: "For RIM and BlackBerry, it is very much the resurrection of the BlackBerry brand.

He pointed out that RIM's decision to continue making smartphones with a physical QWERTY keyboard was a good decision. "There is a massive USP in the return of the physical keyboard."