Bill shock still an issue despite EU regulations

Bill shock still an issue despite EU regulations

Bill shock is something that the European Commission has attempted to prevent with a host of new rules and regulations, but it is still a problem for some people.

Regulations forced down the rates mobile users pay for using their service across the EU, but bill shock still exists for those travelling outside of the continent.

According to the Mobile Workforce Report, conducted by iPass, employees are more likely than ever to use their services while abroad, with many continuing to work while on holiday.

Around 23 per cent of mobile workers said they always turn off data roaming when they travel, up from 18 per cent in last year's survey, but many believe prices are still too high.

More than eight out of ten (82 per cent) of mobile workers said that their operator charges more than ten times the amount they think is fair for data roaming.

Rene Hendrikse, vice president EMEA at iPass, said: "Prohibitively high mobile data roaming charges are curtailing employees from being able to carry out basic online tasks, impacting their ability to be productive. The payoff for solving the data roaming challenge is potentially great."