BBM for Android and iPhone surpasses 10m downloads

BBM for Android and iPhone surpasses 10m downloads

The rolling out of Blackberry’s flagship messaging app has proved successful so far, with 10 million downloads being carried out in the 24 hours after it was launched for Android and iOS platforms.

Fans of BBM can download the app in the Google Play market, Apple App Store and Samsung App stores.

However, due to high demand for the app, BlackBerry has been restricting access to it.

Users who applied for the service at will be able to use the app on their Android or iOS device straight away. However, those who failed to do so need to register and wait for an email before they can activate the app.

But the road to success has not run smoothly for BBM, which experienced a number of setbacks in the run up to its launch.

It was originally scheduled for release on Android and iPhone devices on September 21st and 22nd, respectively.  

Unfortunately, an incomplete version of BBM for Android was made unavailable online hours before it was meant to have launched, and this version was subsequently downloaded by more than 1.1 million people during the first eight hours it was available.

Blackberry also pointed out that around three million people registered to be notified exactly when the app will become available. It said it was heartened by the initial response to the launch.

As a result of the situation, the software for both iPhone and Android users was delayed.

Andrew Bocking, head of BBM at Blackberry, shed more light on technical issues caused by the older, unofficial release.

He commented: "This older version resulted in volumes of data traffic orders of magnitude higher than normal for each active user and impacted the system in abnormal ways.

"The version we were planning to release on Saturday addressed these issues, however we could not block users of the unreleased version if we went ahead with the launch."