BBM added to the Collins Online Dictionary

BBM added to the Collins Online Dictionary

The impact Research In Motion (RIM) and its BlackBerry devices has had on the world has been indicated by the latest additions to the Collins Online English Dictionary.

BBM, the abbreviation for BlackBerry Messenger Service, has been nominated for inclusion by members of the public.

Around 70 per cent of BlackBerry users 'BBM' each other every day and it was brought even further into the public eye when two-time Olympic 100 metre champion Usain Bolt said he was going to thank a few people on BBM after winning in London.

Global awareness of the messenger service means it has been entered into the latest edition of the dictionary.

T A McCann, the vice president of BBM at RIM, said that its inclusion in the dictionary "recognises its status as one of the world's most popular mobile social networks".

"In recent years, the term 'BBM' has transcended its technological origins to become a brand that is part of the everyday language of millions of people all over the world," he said.