Bad week for RIM ends with major BlackBerry service outage

Bad week for RIM ends with major BlackBerry service outage

The bad fortune being experienced by Research in Motion, the firm behind BlackBerry devices, continued over the weekend.

Users of BlackBerry devices in Europe, the Middle East and Africa suffered a major service outage in recent days.

The problems with service followed hot on the heels of the firm announcing a raft of job losses, poor financial results and a delay in the release of the BlackBerry 10 operating system until 2013.

Some customers are continuing to experience difficulties with internet browsing and messenger services.

A statement from RIM reads: "Some minor issues relating to browsing and BlackBerry Messenger may still persist, but all other services are operating as normal. We apologise to any customers in these regions who may have been inconvenienced."

This is the second major outage for Blackberry users, the first occurring in October 2011, which led to customer compensation and even a lawsuit.

Despite the recent issues, chief executive of RIM Thorsten Heins remains positive and said the firm is pushing forward with the release of the new operating system in 2013.