Australian Taxation Office approves use of BlackBerry software

Australian Taxation Office approves use of BlackBerry software

BlackBerry has proved to be a popular choice with many governmental organisations all over the world, particularly the United States' administration, which has made no secret over the years of its admiration for the security features packed into the Canadian firm's operating system.

And it appears that BlackBerry's popularity for such uses is showing no signs of waning, with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), becoming the latest organisation to embrace the use of its software.

BlackBerry has made the decision to place a greater level of emphasis on operating systems and applications in order to ward off the level of competition being posed by Apple's iPhone and Google's Android devices, which have gained significant ground in recent years.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the ATO is to trial email, contact and calendar applications for 400 of its managers to use on iPads, notebooks and smartphones.

The development appears to suggest that although BlackBerry could be losing its grip on its share of the market in terms of devices – a situation it will undoubtedly be trying to solve with the upcoming release of the new Z30 – its software is still seen as being at the very top of the industry.

One of the main strengths that BlackBerry boasts in its mobile device management (MDM) system is the use of "containers" on handsets, which can help control the content on handsets and other devices with reasonable ease.

Although the ATO considered other options available, it decided that it would continue its strong relationship with BlackBerry.

BlackBerry's chief information officer Bill Gibson told the Sydney Morning Herald:''We looked at an approach that was more flexible and used native clients on the devices and therefore obtain a better balance between usability and security.

''Lock these down and it becomes a little bit unusable, or relax it a bit and change the scope of what information you are prepared to expose and that makes it more flexible."

The move to act now in order to secure working partnerships could be just as well, with Apple set to push its iOS 7 operating system later this week and Google gearing up to launch Android KitKat soon.