Apple to enter MDM market?

Apple to enter MDM market?

Despite being a key player in the rise of mobile and flexible working, Apple has been slow off the mark in terms of entering the market of mobile security products.

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions have proved an integral part of many enterprise networks, particularly against the backdrop of trends such as bring your own device (BYOD), which have proved popular among workers and companies alike.

However, things could be poised to change, with Apple announcing that its School Manager platform will make the process of managing iOS devices easier for school districts across the US.

Apple School Manager is a cloud service accessed through any web browser, but the process of making Apple devices easier to manage has largely come in response to the rise of the company's rivals, particularly Google.

Google has been a formidable force in the American education sector, with hardware such as Chromebooks becoming popular with many districts, mainly due to the ease of their implementation.

The inclusion of a simple web-based management tool meant that setting up these devices has proved a breeze.

With Apple previously shying away from creating a similar tool, pieces of hardware such as iPads and other items proved difficult to set up.

Third-party MDM solutions exist for Apple products, and even the MDM tool included with the OS X server, have been largely seen as an unwelcome added expense for many schools.

The introduction of Apple School Manager could help the company gain some ground in the education sector, as well as cloud services.

While it will be easy for many companies across the UK to overlook the importance of the move, Apple School Manager arguably paves the way for similar enterprise services.

Apple's foray into MDM may be worth keeping an eye on.