Apple releases second beta update to iOS 10.1

Image: Sasiistock via iStock

Apple has released the second beta update to its newest operating system to developers. The first update remains available to the public.

The most headline-grabbing feature for the iOS 10.1 beta update is Portrait Mode, designed specifically for the iPhone 7. Portrait Mode had been demonstrated at the recent Apple keynote presentation but it was not ready in time for the new device launch.

Apple’s new software allows users to take photos on the iPhone 7 that creates a blur separating the subject in the foreground from the background of the image, known as the bokeh effect. said it displays “the power of Apple’s fully armed and operational camera and silicon teams”.

The website added: “It’s clear that Apple’s camera team is really pushing the silicon in the iPhone 7 to its limits. The effect is stunning when it works, and continued use makes the device run warmer to the touch, especially on the top where Apple’s A10 processor sits.”

It will allow users to take more professional-looking photos. It is a feature that could be of significant appeal to business users.

The beta update also provides bug fixes as well as new messaging features, including the ability to replay text effects by tapping a button underneath the message bubble. Users will also be able to “enjoy text effects while using the Reduced Motion accessibility option,” according to

iOS 10 offered an app drawer in Messages, which allowed users to add images, gifs and music to texts. The beta update now removes the dots representing the apps installed and features a new scroll bar at the bottom.

There have, however, been some problems experienced by some. These include installation problems and issues with the WiFi and Bluetooth. It has been recommended that users having these problems should reboot their devices.