Apple releases new iOS update

Apple releases new iOS update

Apple has launched a new update for its operating system, version 5.1.1, which the Cupertino firm claims fixes a number of bugs within its range of iPad tablets.

The update will remove some issues and improve the reliability of some features, but as yet the update does not fix wireless problems that many users have discovered.

According to Apple's release notes, the update will solve bugs that prevent the iPad from switching from 2G to 3G networks, as well as problems affecting safari and its bookmarks.

Apple has made no mention of the update impacting battery life, a factor that has caused consternation among early adopters of the new device.

The update may not be able to solve one of Apple's biggest problems with the new iPad – the Advertising Standards Authority's investigation into its 4G claims.

Despite Apple previously removing product specifications claiming the new device would offer 4G connectivity, further literature has promised the technology, even though it will not be possible in the UK.