Apple iPad 4G claim faces UK probe

Apple iPad 4G claim faces UK probe

Apple's new iPad, which promised 4G connectivity, could become the subject of an investigation by the UK's advertising regulator.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is considering launching an enquiry after 24 complaints from early adopters of the tablet.

It was marketed as a 4G-enabled device, despite the fact that the UK is not yet ready to provide the technology, which currently is only available in some EU nations and North America.

According to Reuters, an ASA spokesman said the complaints were about claims on Apple's website about 4G on the iPad.

"We are assessing whether there are grounds for investigation," the spokesman added.

The issue came up after Apple refunded buyers in Australia, who felt misled with the new iPad's 4G connectivity claims.

Apple has also updated its website since the launch of the new iPad, stating that the 4G connectivity will only function correctly in the US and Canada.

However, it is unlikely that the change will prevent the investigation by the authority.