Apple invites media to special event

Apple invites media to special event

Apple is expected to unveil its long-awaited iPhone 5 on September 12th as it has invited a host of media to a special event in California.

The Cupertino giant sent out minimalist invitations which simply read "It's almost here".

It also features a bold '12' emblazoned in the centre of the page, above a shadowy '5'.

A larger, thinner iPhone 5 is expected to be unveiled at the event as well as the announcement of an official release date, which many believe will be September 21st.

Rumours about the next-generation smartphone have been doing the round in recent months, with tech experts predicting from the limited information available that the iPhone 5 will be a departure from the iPhone 4S.

Apple is a famously secretive organisation, but recent leaked photos indicated a larger screen, thinner body and a new connector following a move away from the 30-pin version featured in the majority of Apple's devices.