Apple has closed the security gap on BlackBerry

Apple has closed the security gap on BlackBerry

Apple's work on improving security has been a success, with the Cupertino closing the gap on BlackBerry, which has long been the leader in terms of keeping smartphones secure.

For a long time, Research In Motion's (RIM's) devices were the go-to choice for businesses concerned about keeping data secure.

John Turner, IT director at accountancy network BDO LLP, said that Apple's iPhones are now as secure as BlackBerry devices.

"The differentiation in the corporate world used to be security, but that has been significantly eroded to the point where it’s gone away now," he said  at an event organised by disaster recovery specialist Sungard Availability Services.

However, he went on to note that Apple's improvement is not the only reason for increased security, as mobile device management (MDM) platforms are now even more sophisticated.

The firm is putting a new MDM platform in place, which will see it allow staff to begin using their own iPhones for corporate purposes.