Android’s Nougat operating system prioritises productivity

Image: Grady Reese via iStock

Google has begun rolling out Nougat – the new Android operating system – with its Nexus and Pixel devices currently running on it and the upcoming LG V20 smartphone expected to be sold with it installed.

Nougat will offer business users a number of useful new features, which will contribute to boosting productivity.

One of the biggest improvements in the new operating system will be the longer battery life. With the introduction of its Marshmallow operating system, Android presented Doze, a feature that cuts down on battery use by putting the device to sleep when not being used.

However, this feature only kicked in when a device was completely stationary, so if it was in a user’s pocket, it would not work. Nougat will improve on Doze by enabling it to work when being carried. It has been estimated that the new version of Doze will increase battery life by up to 25 per cent.

The new operating system is also expected to make multi-tasking easier. Users will be able to simply hold the overview button on the right whilst using an app to choose another one to position in a new window next to or above it. It will be possible to resize the windows by dragging the divider.

Switching between apps will be made easier too. In order to go back to the last used app, a double tap of the overview button will be all that is required.

Nougat will also introduce a quick reply system, which means that users will no longer have to tap into a messaging app to send a response. Notifications will all be found in the same place in the new operating system, so alerts from apps, emails and messages will be seen at the same time.