AI set to be used more frequently in smartphones

AI set to be used more frequently in smartphones

Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a greater role within smartphones and one expert believes that the trend is set to continue in the future.

Massimo Barbato, futurist at, said that the future will see people augmenting their bodies with technologies such as AI and robotics on a major scale.

He noted that IBM is launching new devices onto the market that can be controlled by thought.

These can be plugged into smartphones, with the handsets able to read human emotions and brainwaves, therefore recognising behavioural patterns.

"[This will] enable people to connect to their office or home, simply by thoughts, in order to carry out simple tasks, such as switching on a light, the kettle or to order shopping," Mr Barbato added.

The expert noted that businesses can use the technology to monitor crowd behaviour and emotional responses, to see how they react to products and services.

"It seems quite amazing at the moment, but in five to ten years time this will be more widespread in its usage and have far-reaching application," Mr Barbato concluded.