93% of business leaders want 4G access

93% of business leaders want 4G access

A recent survey of over 1,000 business leaders has indicated that a huge 93 per cent want to see the 4G network rolled out in the UK as soon as possible.

An even larger number of respondents to the survey said that the UK needs the superfast technology in order to continue to compete with businesses abroad that already have access to 4G.

The Everything Everywhere commission survey also found that 86 per cent of business leaders believe that productivity within their firm would be boosted by a faster network.

Martin Stiven, vice president of B2B, Everything Everywhere said: "In today's global economy, UK businesses need 4G networks to help them be more productive and compete on the international stage."

He added that half of the countries in the G20 already have access to a 4G network, which means British businesses are at risk of being left behind.

With 72 per cent of business leaders revealing they use mobile internet on a daily basis for work purposes, a 4G network is crucial for the UK.