4G will deliver huge benefits to UK, says Vodafone boss

4G will deliver huge benefits to UK, says Vodafone boss

The rollout of 4G across the UK from all of the major operators is growing ever closer and could come as early as May of 2013.

While professionals looking forward to increased speeds are excited about the provision of superfast mobile broadband, it seems those in the industry are also excited to rollout the new technology.

The chief executive of Vodafone, Vittorio Colao, has said that the growth of 4G in the UK will be a great thing for the nation as a whole. He explained that rural areas will be given connectivity years ahead of the current fixed-line services they put up with.

Speaking to the Sun, he revealed that 4G will unleash a new wave of "machine to machine" applications that will save time and energy.

He said: "Every object will be de-facto linked to a grid. I was joking to my wife that recipe books won't be needed. Ovens will be connected with sites that instruct the oven the right temperature and cooking time."

Mr Colao even said there is the potential for car parks to text drivers when a space is free.

He added: "I wish I was 20 today so I could see the impact of this revolution fully deployed, instead my children will enjoy it."

Vodafone is thought to be one of the operators currently bidding for the next wave of 4G spectrum to be made available by Ofcom. Mr Colao believes that it is only when the likes of Vodafone get their 4G services up and running that British smartphone and tablet users will get the full effect of the technology.

"Our 4G service will be very different. And we will definitely have the phones in stock," he concluded.

The chief executive was brutally honest in the interview and discussed operators' pricing structures when it comes to roaming charges. "We all overcharged for roaming ten years ago," but he said the industry is on the brink of a change that will "reboot" the relationships between users and their mobile providers.