4G set to have positive impact on businesses

4G set to have positive impact on businesses

O2 is set to launch its first ever 4G network across the UK on August 29th, a service that will be in direct competition with both Vodafone and EE.

The benefits to consumers have been reasonably well outlined for some time, but there are an increasing number of experts ready to push the positive impact that it is set to have on the world of business

O2 spokesman Ben Dowd has stated that the faster levels of mobile data speeds, will not only be beneficial for members of staff requiring the use of mobile devices within their business infrastructure, but would also help them to engage with their customers in a much wider variety of ways, which could help find new methods of making more money.

He added that small businesses in particular would be more likely to notice a positive impact.

The launch of O2's 4G service is going to be on the same day as the release of Vodafone's own offering, meaning that there will be plenty of options available to companies over the course of the coming weeks.

It will therefore be vital for businesses to not only ensure that they have the devices capable of supporting such a system, but to also think carefully about what network is right for their needs.

Choice will be the name of the game in terms of 4G-ready devices too, with the BlackBerry Z10 boasting one of the fastest web browsers of any smartphone currently on the market, making it an ideal option for many business users.

The speed of 4G is something that many users will probably notice straight away, with download and upload rates significantly greater than those on 3G devices.

Data rates of 12MBps are expected to be common, although speeds of between 20MBps and 30MBps in some areas could soon be made possible.